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Amy, like her favorite driver Tony Stewart, simply loves racing in all of its forms. As a California girl she lived close to Laguna Seca watching Indy Cars and went through a NHRA phase before finally settling on NASCAR in Tony's 1999 rookie year. Her dad encouraged her love of racing by getting paddock passes so they could get down in the middle of the action watching the crews work on the cars.


Amy goes to three NASCAR races every year -- usually Las Vegas, Sonoma and Phoenix -- with something favorite about each track. However, this year she's thinking about trading the fall Phoenix race for Homestead-Miami to wrap what she hopes will be an incredible season for Smoke.

Now Amy considers herself a die-hard NASCAR fan but she'll watch "anything on wheels". Sound familiar to someone we know who will drive "anything on wheels"? Amy's dedication to the sport of racing extends to her web page "Bad Groove" which is chocked full of information, anecdotes and photos. Check it out!

For many years, Amy has supported Tony's foundation by making an annual donation around his May 20 birthday and also by posting stories and links through Bad Groove. As she learned more about the TSF Grants program, her annual gift became a twice-a-year gift and then in 2013 she became a Lap Leader making a monthly donation. Amy especially loves animals - her beagle Gracie is the love of her life - and she appreciates the financial support given to so many charities throughout the U.S. through TSF. When asked "why Lap Leaders?", Amy replied, "It's easy...because it's not something I have to consciously think about now that it's set up for every month. SO I HELP TONY HELP OTHERS! I LOVE IT." Amy loves that donors can designate their gifts but decided to give hers as "unrestricted" allowing TSF to use the funds for animals or children or drivers.

AMY'S MESSAGE TO TONY FANS. "So many of (us) NASCAR fans show our driver support on our cars, our clothes and sometimes our skin. Donating to Tony's foundation is simply an extension of that loyalty and support. I donate to one place - TSF - which then supports many organizations serving animals and children. It saves me time from having to vet different organizations to make multiple donations. I'm supporting great organizations through TSF and supporting causes that are near and dear to Tony. It really is a Win-Win. And we Smoke fans know how much he likes to win!"

AMY'S SHOUT-OUT TO TONY FANS. "My tattoo says it all: Smoke Always Rises!

Lap Leaders

Tony wants to make it easy for fans to support his foundation. Lap Leaders allows you to make a larger gift using smaller parts. Join Lap Leaders with a monthly donation of $10.00 or more. It's easy, secure and automatic. You'll be helping children and animals. Tony says "thank you" by providing unique items from his "Collector's Series" 4 times per year to participating Lap Leaders!

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March 3rd 2015, 16:50
Tony Fan, Tony Stewart Foundation Lap Leader (donor) and "mom" of Gracie the Beagle has been selected to share her observations through her long-running page about racing. Enjoy Amy's serious approach to the sport we love.

The Folds of Honor QuickTrip 500 -
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March 3rd 2015, 14:55
Tony Stewart Foundation is a proud sponsor of American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue (based in OHIO and saving hounds nationwide). . . MEET Heaven Sent an 18 month old Bloodhound, who was rescued by ABTCR after she was brought into a rural animal shelter. She had been found wandering, severely malnourished, ravaged by mange, and heavily pregnant. Within a day she was on her way to her foster home and whelped a litter of 11 puppies shortly after her arrival. Heaven Sent was adopted by a family that had previously adopted a Coonhound from ABTCR and is thriving in her new life. Her 8 surviving puppies are also growing up in adoptive homes.

American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue (“ABTCR”) is an all-volunteer group that has been rescuing Coonhounds and Bloodhounds across the United States for over 10 years. Large numbers of these hounds are dropped off at animal shelters or abandoned in the wild after failing to perform as a hunting dog. Irresponsible breeders may dump entire litters if the dogs aren't purchased according to an accelerated time table.

If the dogs are lucky enough to survive abuse and abandonment and actually make it into a shelter, they will be confronted with the harsh reality that the majority of people intent on adopting a shelter dog aren't interested in a large hound. Thanks to ABTCR’s dedicated volunteers, hundreds of hounds are saved each year from a sad and lonely end, some only hours away from euthanasia. In 2014, 680 hounds were rescued and placed in adoptive homes.

Learn about us and the hounds we save at: -or- visit us at

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March 3rd 2015, 14:26

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March 2nd 2015, 18:09
The Tony Stewart Store is having a winter blowout sale now through Thursday, March 5th. Buy $5.00 tee shirts and hats plus $6.95 flat rate shipping! Visit:

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February 26th 2015, 15:00
Tony Stewart Foundation is a proud sponsor of @As goodasgold.ilgoldenrescue . . .MEET SEBASTIAN a Golden who was
abandoned by his family and left alone in a home for more than a month!! 12-year old Sebastian weighed 50 pounds, was unaltered and covered with fleas, had infected eyes and ears, and needed a dental cleaning and a number of growths removed when As Good as Gold in Illinois rescued him in April 2014.

By mid-July Sebastian had gained 17 pounds and all of his medical issues were resolved except for dry eye which will require medication, to keep him comfortable, for the rest of his life. His energy level had increased enough that he enjoyed playing fetch and going on half-mile walks twice each day.

In September, Sebastian’s forever family adopted him and – by then – he was in good health and had gained more than 20 pounds! Despite his difficult circumstances prior to rescue, Sebastian’s golden spirit prevailed. His adoptive family looked past his age, ongoing need for eye medication, and previous unhappy living arrangements to recognize he served a second chance to live out his “golden” years in a loving home. Learn more at

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February 24th 2015, 20:00
@14TSF is a proud sponsor of @TheArniFoundation in Florida a no-kill animal shelter. MEET JACK & MARLEY . . Two Miniature Australian Shepherds that were rescued after a backyard breeder abandoned them because they were born without back paws and she couldn't sell them.

They were so tiny and fragile, just barely 8 weeks old. They were afraid at first, but with lots of TLC, they realized they were in a safe place. It was determined they would need prosthetics and a wonderful man stepped right up to adopt the pair together and get them whatever they needed. Jake and Marley are now spoiled rotten in one of the most amazing homes possible where they get a ton of love and their daddy is in the process of getting them custom made "PAWSthetics"! To get updates on their progress, like them on Facebook! Visit:

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February 22nd 2015, 17:33
Could today finally be TONY'S DAY in the Daytona 500!

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Could today finally be Tony's day in the Daytona 500?
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February 20th 2015, 00:44
That's Right!! It's NASCAR Time and Tony's RACR14 plate has shown up amid all the action at Daytona today. Where's YOUR 14? Buy a plate now to receive your free 5x7 color photograph of Tony!

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February 18th 2015, 22:31
#StandWithSmoke . .To launch the 2015 racing season, TSF has a promo of the RACR14 aluminum embossed License Plate! Be one of the first 114 fans to order your own special plate (in white or black) and receive a free 5x7 color racing photo of Tony! No matter which state you call "home", you can own this unique RACR14 plate to display in your garage, office, game room or on your car (on car as 'non-valid' plate). Promo valid while supplies last. Visit:

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February 17th 2015, 22:59
Meet Kelsi and Jackson with The Ability Center in Ohio who The Tony Stewart Foundation proudly supports through our grants program nationally!
Seventh grader Kelsi lives in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio with her grandparents, Donna and Roger. Like many thirteen-year-old girls, she is involved with cheerleading, having fun with friends, reading, playing on her iPod, swimming, and horseback riding. Unlike most girls her age, Kelsi lives with Cerebral Palsy. Kelsi received Jackson at ADAI’s Summer Graduation in 2014. When asked what Jackson does for her, she responded, “Jackson helps me to be more independent. I don’t have to depend on other people as much. He is my friend and helps me gain confidence.” Every day when Kelsi goes to school, Jackson goes to his place in her bedroom, sitting and waiting for her to come

When it is about time for her to arrive home, Jackson waits patiently by the front door until she makes it inside. Jackson will be allowed to attend school with Kelsi after six months once it has been ensured that their bond is strong. Luckily, she and Jackson already have an unbreakable bond that is visible to everyone. Jackson is trained to help Kelsi with everday tasks such as retrieving her cell phone, getting help in case of an emergency, and opening the refrigerator door.

When asked to sum up her experience partnering with Jackson so far Kelsi stated, “It is like me not having a wheelchair. People no longer look down at me; instead they ask me about my dog!”

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To launch the 2015 season, be one of the first 114 fans to order your own special plate (in white or black) and receive a FREE 5x7 color racing photo of Tony!

No matter which state you call "home", you can own this unique RACR14 plate to display in your garage, office, game room or on your car (on car as 'non-valid' plate).

The RACR14 specialty plate is only available from the Tony Stewart Foundation. Your $15.00 purchase provides you this very cool collector's item while helping the children and animals served by the Tony Stewart Foundation.

For only $75 have your RACR14 plate autographed by Tony & sent with a Certificate of Authenticity. And, $60 of the purchase price is a tax-deductible gift to the Tony Stewart Foundation!