Lap Leader Ambassador

(1) How long have you been a fan of Tony Stewart?
Since he began his racing career in the NASCAR Cup series 16 years ago.

(2) Do you follow all types of racing or are you drawn more to NASCAR or dirt track, etc.?
NASCAR – My dad introduced me to NASCAR when I was 10, and I am still drawn to the Cup series 30 years later.


(3) How did you learn about Tony’s charitable foundation?
I first learned about the foundation during an interview Tony participated in and then performed an online search to obtain more information about it.

(4) Why did you decide to make charitable donations to his foundation?
I have always been focused on my career, like Tony has been with his racing, and I have been very fortunate to be successful. I wanted to continue to take that blessing and pay it forward as much as possible. It feels great to be able to utilize my pastime of watching races and rooting for Tony as well as my love for the sport as an avenue to do something good for a wide array of different charitable organizations.

(5) Why is it important to you to make the gift(s) through the monthly giving program known as Lap Leaders?
It allows me to adhere to my budget and ultimately make a sizable donation year after year. It is essentially easier for me to make installments rather than one large, lump sum donation annually.

(6) Do you make your gift(s) as unrestricted for children or for animals? And, why?
Yes, I make my gift “unrestricted” so the Foundation has the freedom to distribute the funds in such a manner that will produce the most favorable impact for the various charitable organizations.

(7) Are you an arm-chair race fan or have you gotten to go to a track to watch racing? If so, where and what is your favorite race track?
I am an arm-chair race fan. Being a native of Michigan, my dad would take me to the Michigan International Speedway to watch qualifying and practicing, but I always got left behind on race day. The race typically held on Father’s Day was an annual tradition for my two brothers and dad to attend. After 30 years of watching the Cup races on television though, I am very excited to report that I will be watching my first Cup race this month from the grandstands in Kentucky.

(8) What is your message to Tony’s fans regarding his foundation? Being a Lap Leader of the Tony Stewart Foundation is a great opportunity to support many worthwhile causes and our favorite racecar driver via one outlet. It only takes just a small amount of time and money to get started, but every cent can make a large, beneficial and lasting difference in the life of a sick child, endangered animal, and/or injured driver.

(9) Anything else you want to give as a “shout out” to Tony’s fans…or to Tony? “Shout out” to Tony: Thank you for having such a huge heart and for establishing this Foundation. I enjoy rooting for you on the track as well as furthering your positive mission off the track. You are a top-notch and classy racer, and you will have my continued support no matter what direction your racing career takes you in the future!

Lap Leaders

Tony wants to make it easy for fans to support his foundation. Lap Leaders allows you to make a larger gift using smaller parts. Join Lap Leaders with a monthly donation of $10.00 or more. It's easy, secure and automatic. You'll be helping children and animals. Tony says "thank you" by providing unique items from his "Collector's Series" 4 times per year to participating Lap Leaders!

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The Tony Stewart Foundation proudly sponsors The KEYS Program (NEW YORK) a children’s charity that delivers music, hope and smiles to kids battling cancer through music outreach, education and advocacy. Founded in 1993 by retired NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Official David Bennett and his wife Colleen, the KEYS Program provides bedside music, live concerts, music care packages and family respite programs for kids in children’s hospitals, camps and hospice care…all at no cost to the families they serve.



The Tony Stewart Foundation is a proud sponsor of 2014 grant recipient Children's Theraplay! MEET LEO:

Watching a child progress from scooting to crawling, then standing, and finally taking those first big steps is one of the great joys of parenthood. For Leo’s parents though, it seemed like these particular celebrations might not come.



On the track. Off the track. Few drivers embody the passion for racing and giving back more than Tony Stewart. "Smoke" is one of NASCAR's leading philanthropists. His foundation has awarded more than $6.5 million nationally to organizations serving children, animals & drivers.

Today is YOUR chance to #StandWithSmoke. Join the movement. Be part of the team. Take action. Visit www.StandWithSmoke to get started.