“Accelerating Change” is at the heart of The Tony Stewart Foundation (TSF). In 2014, we celebrated 10 years completed of providing TSF Grants to outstanding organizations serving children who are critically ill or physically disabled as well as those serving animals at-risk or endangered. TSF also provides funding to assist drivers injured in the sport of motor racing.

The first grant was awarded to an animal rescue group operating in Florida after Tony heard a news report of a dog which had been the victim of a “hit & run” and needed immediate surgery. Tony made a quick call to “Mama Smoke” and not only were funds provided to help the lucky dog but plans were set into motion to establish The Tony Stewart Foundation.

Since 2004, TSF has provided $5,211,523 to well-qualified charitable organizations operating in 41 of the 50 states. During these ten years of providing funding, only the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont & Wyoming have not had organizations either apply or be selected for a TSF Grant.

For the 2013 Accelerator Charities, the TSF Board of Directors made awards to 47 charities ranging from $4,500 to $15,000 for a total of $381,500.  Together, these “Accelerator Charities” represent hundreds of volunteers who, along with small-to-medium staffing, are providing unique services or unique delivery of a common service.

We hope you enjoy spending time getting to know these wonderful organizations and we encourage you to use this Accelerator Charities page as a “jumping off point” to visit their web sites and social media including Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube.

Visit the TSF Grant Program page for complete information about all 2013 Grant distributions totaling $718,980 to organizations in 21 states. In addition to Tony’s Grant Accelerator program, TSF also provides awards through Tony’s Crew Grants and Board Grants.

2016 Grant Applications Will Be Available In March

We encourage you to support Tony’s Grant Program through your tax-deductible gift. Whether you are a new donor to TSF or a renewing donor, your contribution will be used directly to help fund the 2014 Grants Program benefitting animals, children and drivers.

2013 Charities by State






$15,000 Grant Awards

$10,000+ Grant Awards

$7,500 Grant Awards

$5,000 Grant Awards

$4,000 Grant Awards

Children's TherAplay Foundation 4 Paws for Ability Cody Unser First Step Foundation 1Boy4Change A Way With Words
Discovery Arts Arts for Life Exotic Feline Rescue Center Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California
Humane Society for
Hamilton County
Central Illinois Greyhound Adoption Hope Haven Horse Farm Arni Foundation    
Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN) Friends of Ferdinand International Exotic Animal Sanctuary As Good As Gold - Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois    
Shining Stars Foundation The Greyhound Alliance Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding Camp Soaring Eagle    
    Hand in Paw Oregon Greyhound Adoption Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest    
    Happy Hollow Asthma Camp Saddle Up! Colorado Horse Rescue    
    Humane Society of Boulder Valley South Jersey Field
of Dreams
    Indianapolis Zoological Society Suncoast Humane Society Humane Alternative    
    Jameson Camp Sunshine Foundation Dream Village The Nest    
    KEYS     Paws for Healing    
    Partners for Progress     Quantum House    
    PAWS Chicago     Retails, Inc.    
          Rising Hope Farms    
            Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center    
            St. Joseph Bay Humane Society    
            Toledo Area Humane Society    

Arni Foundation

The ARNI Foundation (FLORIDA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit no kill shelter for cats and dogs founded in 1999. Since we have been open, we have saved thousands of animals lives. We rescue our animals from other shelters or animal controls where they are in danger of euthanasia and give them their chance to find the forever home they deserve. We specialize in cruelty and abuse cases. We only rescue from other shelters to save the animals that truly have no more chances left.

To learn more please visit: www.arnianimalrescue.org

Or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theARNIfoundation

The Arni Foundation received Addy Awards and Junior League Medal Awards in 2003, 2008, and 2013 for exceptional change and commitment in the community.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used to support “Boones Fund” to rescue animals in imminent danger of being euthanized at kills shelters throughout the US, but primarily in the South.

JUSTICE – Before Being Rescued



Arts for Life

Arts For Life (NORTH CAROLINA) is dedicated to supporting people facing serious illnesses and disabilities. By providing educational art programs, we enrich patients’ lives, nurture their minds and spirits, and encourage positive healthcare experiences for children and their families. Arts For Life helps children in four communities across North Carolina.

Arts For Life began in 2001 with one patient, one camera, and one art lesson. Our founder's sister was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, at age 11. While Katie was in treatment for weeks and months at a time, her sister Anna found that dynamic, educational art lessons helped young patients cope with the short and long-term effects of illness, remain active and engaged in life, and become strong members of their communities despite their challenges. Twelve years later, Arts For Life delivers 20,700 visual art, music, and creative writing lessons each year to more than 6,200 patients, siblings, and family members.

In 2009, Arts for Life received the "Strength, Hope, and Caring Award" from Duke Hospital for the exceptional service to the young patients and families AFL Program Director Mary Margaret Fulk teaches at Duke Children's Hospital.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $10,000 will be used in support of Clinic Art Stations and Inpatient Bedside Art & Music Lessons for children battling cancer and serious illnesses.


As Good as Gold - Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois

Since 2003, As Good as Gold – Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois (AGaG) (ILLINOIS) has rescued and re-homed abandoned and unwanted golden retrievers/golden mixes, and educated the public about responsible pet ownership. As Good as Gold rescues an average of 150 dogs annually. Our volunteers are available at more than 150 public events each year to answer questions about goldens, volunteer opportunities, and humane pet care. In 2012, AGaG spent more than $285,000 to support rescued goldens including $219,000 for veterinary care, and provided more than 456,000 volunteer hours to support rescued goldens in its care, educate the public about responsible pet ownership, raise much-needed funds, and support administrative functions of the organization.

Funds from the Tony Stewart Foundation grant will help pay for senior golden veterinary expenses. Since January 1, 2013, As Good as Gold has provided rescue services to 30 goldens eight years of age or older. Because the number of potential adoptive families for seniors is small, and the number interested in adopting seniors with medical issues is even smaller, these dogs tend to stay in foster care longer than young goldens. As Good as Gold is committed to providing excellent veterinary care to these dogs for however long it takes, until they find their forever home.

Watch our video HERE.

As Good as Gold recently received the 2012 Starfish Award – the highest honor an animal rescue organization can receive – for its networking activities with other animal welfare organizations from the Golden Retriever Club of America’s National Rescue Committee.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will help pay for senior golden veterinary expenses.




Camp Soaring Eagle

Every Child Deserves a Chance to Laugh, Play and Just be a Kid
At Camp Soaring Eagle (ARIZONA) our mission is to give children with serious illnesses the chance to discover the healing power of laughter thatsickness has too long denied them. We provide experiences filled with excitement, challenge and unimaginable fun all in a medically safe setting – at no charge to the campers and families.

Camp Soaring Eagle runs year round, medically supervised, camping programs for children and family members from across Arizona with chronic and life threatening illnesses. Currently, Camp Soaring Eagle conducts four different types of camping programs: illness specific camping weekends, sibling camping weekends, family retreats and travel programs.

Currently there are over 350,000 children in the southwest living with serious illnesses. We serve 14 different illness groups for children ages 7-15. Campers submit a camper application for illness specific sessions based on the recommendation of their physician. Camp Soaring Eagle is funded by charitable donations.

Watch our video HERE.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used to support the Oncology Camper Weekends for children battling serious and life-threatening illnesses.


Cody Unser First Step Foundation

In October 1999, the Cody Unser First Step Foundation (CUFSF) (NEW MEXICO) was established as a not-for-profit organization aimed at raising awarness for Transverse Myelitis after Cody became paralyzed by this rare disorder. CUFSF is focused on awareness, advocacy and quality of life. Growing up in the Unser Racing Family, Cody was accustomed to extreme sports and became a vehicle to promote and educate communities about the foundation’s quality of life program of Adaptive SCUBA. As a result, CUFSF Volunteer Dive Team, “Operation Deep Down”, has taken the lead in becoming a Handicapped SCUBA Association (HSA) Training Center with two Course Directors and a team of dedicated veteran SCUBA Instructors. Over the past decade CUFSF has evolved its programming to include PADI & HSA SCUBA training, Aquarium Immersion Programs, and co-produced two documentary films.

CLICK HERE to view our Adaptive Scuba Diving at Camp Riley video.

CLICK HERE to view our Sea of Change trailer.

Recent recipient of the American Red Cross Adult Humanitarian Award for her efforts to advocate for the benefits of SCUBA Diving for people with mental and physical challenges.

2013-University of Texas School of nursing- Cody was made a Partners life time member...City of Houston proclaims Cody Unser Day. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $7,500 will be used to support the SCUBA Intro program as well as the immersion program that includes SCUBA certification training and aquarium dives and educational trips for those with spinal cord related paralysis.

Pictured (l to r): CUFSF's Operation Deep Team Volunteers, Al Unser III & Michelle Monsam, with Carrie Tingley Sports Camp Participants.

CUFSF's Operation Deep Down Dive Team Instructor, Casey Harthorn, and Carrie Tingley Sports Camp Participant.


Colorado Horse Rescue

Since 1986, Colorado Horse Rescue (COLORADO) has been dedicated to providing emergency relief, shelter, care, rehabilitation, and adoption services for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses. CHR provides community resources through equine education, counseling, information and referral services. CHR is funded through individual donations, grants, bequests and corporate sponsorships.

In June 2011, CHR was accredited by GFAS (Global Federation of Animals Sanctuaries) recognizing their program as a model rescue with the highest standards.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used in support of the Equine Evaluation & Training program.

BEFORE: Angel and baby Rowen

AFTER: Angel and Scott Winfrey on Cattle Ranch in Steamboat Springs, CO


Discovery Arts

Started in 1998, Discovery Arts (CALIFORNIA) has brought the healing power of the arts to children with cancer, serious blood disorders and life threatening illness while they are in the hospital receiving treatment. A small staff and a lot of volunteers bring "Arts Adventures" providing a tremendous amount of joy annually to more than 3,500 children and their families at no cost to the hospital or the patient/family.

The program has historically served six pediatric cancer centers located in Southern California. In 2011, Discovery Arts added a new program in Missouri and has plans to continue expansion as funding and interest allows.

In 2009, Discovery Arts received the Disneyland Community Service Award. In 2013, Discovery Arts received the Pioneer Award - Arts for Children from Imagination Heals for bringing the arts to hospitalized children.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $15,000 will be used in support of the Arts Adventures program.



Exotic Feline Rescue Center

With over 226 exotic felines from 25 states calling the EFRC home (INDIANA), we are one of the largest rescue centers in the United States for abused, unwanted and neglected exotic felines.

Since our founding in 1991, our mission is simple: We provide permanent homes for exotic felines that have been abused, abandoned or for some reason have nowhere to live out their lives while educating the public – especially children - about these beautiful cats.

  • • We do not buy, sell, breed or trade cats
  • • We give big cats a home for life
  • • We provide stable social groups
  • • We provide enhanced environments
  • • We provide the best veterinary care.

On April 9, 2013 we rescued 4 tigers from a roadside zoo in northern Wisconsin.  We were told once on-site that the owner thought one of the tigers might be pregnant. On June 22, 2013 she gave birth to 5 female cubs. Our long-term commitment unexpectedly more than doubled from what we agreed and anticipated.

The TSF grant of $7,500 will be used to help construct a permanent enclosure for the 5 cubs.


Happy Hollow Asthma Camp

Since its start in 1951, Happy Hollow (INDIANA) has welcomed more than 40,000 children to experience a summer camp full of opportunities for learning and adventure. Children ages 7 to 14 from the Greater Indianapolis area make friends, learn about nature and take part in supervised camp activities that help them see new possibilities for themselves.

Happy Hollow serves over 750 children each summer. Of the children attending camp, 77% of the children are minorities and 95% of our campers live in poverty. As one of the only residential camps in Indiana focusing on service to economically challenged children, the Happy Hollow camp’s staff and directors are working diligently to help Central Indiana families meet the challenges of providing great opportunities to their children.  Happy Hollow is accredited by the American Camp Association and maintains the highest standards of quality and safety. 

The Happy Hollow Asthma Camp is the only residential asthma camp in the state of Indiana, which impacted over 100 children suffering from severe to moderate asthma in 2013.  Our volunteer medical staff and staff have been providing a high quality camp for children with asthma for over 25 years.  Each child has the opportunity to learn from our medical staff about their asthma and how to lead an active healthy lifestyle while controlling their asthma. The children with asthma will experience a week of outdoor activities with the assistance of a trained medical staff on site. The staff will be able to help the children, who suffer from asthma, learn ways to cope and still lead an active lifestyle. The camp is open to children with asthma in the entire State of Indiana.

Watch our video HERE.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $10,000 will be used to support the Happy Hollow Summer Asthma Camp for children with moderate to severe asthma.


Hope Haven Horse Farm

Since its incorporation in 2000, Hope Haven Horse Farm, Inc. (INDIANA) has been dedicated to promoting growth, learning, hope, and opportunities through unique and alternative equine assisted programming for special needs and at risk families throughout West Central Indiana. Hope Haven has been committed in providing the most effective measurable outcomes in every clientele served and is proud of its outside of the box thinking in an effort to continually develop programs to meet the needs of our clientele and community in the unique fields of Equine Assisted Programming. 

Our recent collaboration with Rose-Hulman’s capstone bio medical engineering students has implemented a new program recently named the “Rose-Christy Project.”  The Rose-Christy Project will be committed to its collaboration with Rose-Hulman in an effort to continually design new technology to assist in increasing the physical well being of our clientele, increasing the way we measure physical outcomes, and accelerating change in the therapeutic riding industry in regards to how we teach and measure. 

The Rose-Christy Project will focus on the combination of technology designed by the Rose-Hulman students, PATH certified therapeutic riding lessons, and in depth documentation to bring hard statistical data on how therapeutic riding benefits persons with a physical and/or cognitive diagnosis.  This new technology includes a horse simulator for balance and relaxation of muscle spasms, bio-feedback mechanisms’ on rider positions, and supporting devices for riders who must utilize a wheelchair for mobility.

In 2013, Hope Haven Horse Farm was recognized for the Rose-Christy Projects on Channel 59 in Indy, and Channel 2 in Terre Haule. They were also recognized in the Banner Graphics, Hendricks Flyer, and Terre Haute Tribune.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $7,500 will be used for the 2014 Rose-Christy Project.


Humane Alternative

The Humane Alternative (FLORIDA) takes in, fosters, rehabs and adopts out only handicapped animals. Our mission is to help those whose physical impairments would limit their prospects for adoption anywhere else achieve a winning opportunity in life.

In 2012, the Humane Alternative found new homes for 57 special needs animals. That was the first time we tried to expand our program so we could save more animals. From the time we first organized we had been taking in and adopting out around 30 to 40 pets every year. In 2012 we began an active solicitation effort and we were as successful as we had hoped to be. We were able to increase our funding by about 50% last year and subsequently we have been able to rescue and rehabilitate an additional 15 to 20 animals this year. We are hoping that this new level will become our continued baseline for years to come. We had the space in our homes and the time in our lives. We have now added the last ingredient; the additional funding these pets would require.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used to support the foster, rehabilitation and adoption process for handicapped animals in finding their forever homes.


Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Founded in 1902, it is the mission of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (COLORADO) to protect and enhance the lives of companion animals by promoting healthy relationships between pets and people.

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley provides shelter and care to more than 9,000 animals each year, with 91 percent of these animals being successfully adopted or reunited with their guardians. Our success rates are enhanced by our behavior modification program, which helps shelter dogs and cats overcome behavior problems, and our foster program, which makes it possible for us to help more animals by providing individualized care to those with special needs.

In 2013 the Humane Society of Boulder Valley received the Best Non Profit, Best Veterinary Services and Best Pet Store awards from Boulder Weekly’s Best of Boulder County. Additionally, we were voted Best Thrift Store and Best Veterinary Services for CU & Colorado Daily’s Best of Boulder.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $10,000 will be used in support of the Behavior Modification Program.

Lindsay & Cooper – Behavior Modification Training


Jameson Camp

Established in 1928, Jameson Camp (INDIANA) enriches the lives of Indiana youth by inspiring them to discover their strengths. Throughout these 80+ years, the staff and volunteers have been impacting the lives of young people through the residential camp experience designed to develop self-respect and confidence, and respect for others and the world around us. Jameson Camp specializes in serving youth with minor social, emotional and behavioral challenges as well as children who may diagnosed with Autism, ADD/ADHD or HIV/AIDS.

Tataya Mato is a special camp week designed for children ages 7-17 who are affected by HIV/AIDS. The summer of 2012 will mark the 18th year for this unique program which impact about 75 children and their families through a fun-filled, welcoming and rich experience that is free of cost to the families. The children have the opportunity to discover their inner strengths and cultivate a positive self-image while making new friends.

Jameson Camp / Tataya Mato won the 2010 Eleanor Ellis Award from the American Camp Association (1 of only 6 awarded in the United States).

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $10,000 will be used to support the Tataya Mato Children’s Camp 2013.



KEYS (NEW YORK) has been capturing the hearts of children battling cancer since 2001. It was founded by former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Official David Bennett and his wife, Colleen, after losing Colleen's father to cancer. Music had such a positive effect on her father's quality of life during his battle, they created KEYS to help children facing the same difficult time in their lives. As a result, thousands of kids in children's hospitals, special needs sites, children's camps and in hospice care have experienced the soothing songs of hope that KEYS provide.

KEYS musicians perform small concerts and at the bedsides of patients, sharing their gift of music with each child and the family. And, so the music can continue to heal their heart, each child is given a music care package that includes a music album, fun music activities, a children’s book, and a cuddly Teddy Bear to hug.

In June 2012, KEYS was awarded the Friend of Children Award by the Child Care Council of Cornell University Cooperative Extension for its dedication to children and families.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $10,000 will be used to support the 2013 “Music Care Package” program in order to expand the reach to an additional 1,000 children battling cancer.


Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding

Founded in 1998, Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding, Inc. (INDIANA) is a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH). We employ only PATH-certified instructors to lead our classes and programs. We offer equine programs to a wide range of participants, including:

• Therapeutic riding lessons for children and adults with emotional, cognitive and/or physical disabilities;
• Hippo therapy in partnership with St. Vincent Pediatric Rehabilitation Center;
• Heroes on Board veteran’s program in partnership with Roudebush VA Medical Center for military veterans suffering from a range of challenges including post traumatic stress disorder and a multitude of physical disabilities;
• A Horse Like Me summer program serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorder;
• Come Along Camp offered to our riders and their siblings – a unique opportunity for these special kids to experience camp with their brother or sister; and,
• CampAbility equine program in collaboration with Crossroads Easterseals each summer.

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of individuals in the greater Indianapolis community with physical, cognitive and/or behavioral challenges through equine assisted therapies and activities.

Morning Dove is located on 55 acres of rolling pasture land in Zionsville, Indiana. Here we house our 12 therapy horses and provide equine assisted therapies to hundreds of children and adults. We are supported by 4 fulltime staff members, 2 parttime staff, 7 certified instructors and approximately 150 volunteers.

Morning Dove has been recognized numerous times by Special Olympics, the Chamber of Commerce, our local schools and community organizations for our unique service to our community. We are proud to serve our neighbors and friends with these life changing therapies.

With the generous support of the TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $7,500, we will create a temperature controlled indoor riding arena to allow us to offer our services for an additional 6-8 weeks each year!


The Nest

The Nest (INDIANA), a small, all‐volunteer organization, based in Bloomington, IN, was founded in 2008 to meet the need for a rescue that focuses on senior and special needs dogs (including those with behavior issues). Since then The Nest has taken in more than 160 animals and has placed over 130 of them in caring forever homes. The Nest believes that all animals at any stage in life and health have inherent value and an important place in the world. The Nest cares for and places animals regardless of breed, age, demeanor, physical or behavioral health. The animals who are not adopted live out their lives as loved and cherished pets at The Nest sanctuary. The Nest also provides educational support to individuals who seek our assistance because we believe that educating the public is one of the keys to keeping animals in their homes and preventing senseless euthanasia.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used to continue our mission of rescuing and improving the lives of animals in need.


Quantum House

Quantum House opened its doors in 2001 (FLORIDA) as the only hospital hospitality house serving children and their families between Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. The House is a caring and supportive home that lessens the burden for families whose children are receiving treatment in Palm Beach County for a serious medical condition. The House is where hope has a home® for more than 500 family members each year.

Quantum House relieves the stress and financial hardship for families by fulfilling basic needs and providing critical human services, including lodging, meals and interaction for children coping with a medical crisis.

The caring environment and interactive opportunities provided by the Family Care Program change the way families and children cope with hospitalization and treatment.

Quantum House has been recognized in 2010 and 2011 with The Most Green With the Least Green Award by Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $6,000 will be used for the Family Care Program.

Ashley, son & newborn Addy

Sean with therapy dog, Sunshine, who visits hospital children


Retails, Inc.

Through its unique, pet shop-style adoption center in a suburban shopping mall, reTails (INDIANA) minimizes barriers to adoption by bringing homeless dogs and cats to a location where people can readily meet them. Staffed only by volunteers, reTails has found new loving homes for nearly 3,000 animals since opening our doors in January 2010.

The rescued pets are from area shelters where their lives are at risk, from owners needing a new home for their pet, and strays where an owner cannot be located. We don’t have a kennel:  our animals all stay in foster homes until they are adopted, helping the animals adjust to home life before adoption and keeping expenses and the cost to adopt as low as possible. Our affordable adoption fee includes the required spay or neuter, vaccinations and medical care. This is all made possible by individual and corporate support, grants and adoption fees.

In 2011, reTails received the Best Pet Rescue award from Indianapolis Monthly magazine.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used to expand the number of pets served through our Rehoming Assistance Program.


Rising Hope Farms

Rising Hope Farms (NORTH CAROLINA) has provided equine assisted activities and therapies to the special needs community free of charge since 2004. Founded by Gail Wartner on her family farm, Rising Hope Farms serve as non-profit therapeutic riding facility and uses equestrian activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of those with disabilities. Therapeutic horseback riding benefits almost any disabling condition including cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, head injuries, hearing and visually impaired, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, and speech & learning disabilities.

Rising Hope Farms is staffed entirely by volunteers (young and old) that have built rewarding and lifelong relationships with every rider. RHF is committed to giving back to the community by helping to build young leaders by teaching trust, empathy, and responsibility through horsemanship and volunteering. RHF is also active in the community, hosting many educational field trips at the Farm for special needs organizations as well as partnering with Hospice of Catawba County by using the power of the horse and glory of God to help heal children grieving from the loss of a loved one.

In 2010, Rising Hope Farms was recognized with the H.O. Sargent Award from Bandy's FFA Chapter for demonstrating diversity in agriculture and working with individuals of different backgrounds.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used to support the therapeutic riding program for children with physical and developmental disabilities by construction of a roof over the existing riding ring in order to expand the number of children served annually.


Saddle Up!

Founded in 1990, Saddle Up! (TENNESSEE) is Middle Tennessee’s oldest and largest therapeutic riding program. Located in Franklin, Tennessee, 14 miles south of Nashville, Saddle Up! provides children, ages 2 – 18, with disabilities the opportunity to grow and develop through therapeutic, educational, and recreational activities with horses. At Saddle Up!, they leave behind a world of special classes, tutors, doctors, and hospitals and benefit from our programs and time with the horses, instructors and volunteers.

In 2012, Saddle Up! served 188 participants and their families. Over the past 23 years, Saddle Up! has served almost 1,100 children, provided more than 42,000 hours of services, and cared for more than 110 noble horses who served our program. In addition to our recreational therapeutic horseback riding program, we offer physical and occupational therapy (called hippotherapy), a school-based equine facilitated learning program, the Saddle Up! Equestrian Club, and workshops/seminars. Saddle Up! has a volunteer corps of more than 500 people who in 2012 alone provided over 15,000 hours of service.

For our children, Saddle Up! provides more than just a good time. Research shows that students who participate in therapeutic riding can experience physical, emotional and mental rewards. Saddle Up! is where “horsing around” really makes a difference.

Saddle up! will gratefully direct funding from the Tony Stewart Foundation to our lesson program. To learn more visit: www.SaddleUpNashville.org

Saddle Up! received the 2012 PATH International Youth Equestrian of the Year Award and the 2012 PATH International Region 5 Certified Professional of the Year Award.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $7,500 will be used to support the recreational therapeutic horseback riding lesson program.


Suncoast Humane Society

Suncoast Humane Society (FLORIDA) was founded in 1971 as the Animal Aid Society of Englewood. A dedicated handful of community pioneers incorporated as a 501(c) 3 non-profit, charitable organization. In 1997, the corporate name was changed to Suncoast Humane Society to better reflect the widespread coverage area of the services and programs offered by the organization.

Suncoast Humane Society operates one of the few “open admissions” Animal Care Centers in Florida. We accept all animals brought to us by the public, regardless of health or temperament. Medical and behavioral staff evaluates each animal for adoptability. Healthy animals with stable temperaments and good behavior patterns are recommended for adoption. There is no time limit set on their stay, barring incurring serious illness or aggressive behavior. Our wonderful group of “Foster Home” volunteers, along with our Pet Placement Partners (Breed Rescues), helps to make these policies possible.

In addition to our “open admissions” Animal Care Center, we offer low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, affordable vaccinations, testing, micro-chipping and medication through our Preventive Care Clinic. We also have many other wonderful programs and services such as Humane Education and Outreach, a robust volunteer program, lost and found services, pet pantry, an aggressive adoption program, three thrift stores throughout our coverage area and we serve as a disaster resource when there is a severe threat.

For more information please visit our website at www.humane.org

To view some of our animal videos please visit our YouTube page HERE

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $7,500 will be used to support the low cost spay/neuter program serving a 3 county area.


Sunshine Foundation Dream Village

For children whose lives have been challenged with life-long chronic illnesses, physical afflictions and abuse, dreams often come from the longing to experience what others may see as normal life. Families with special needs children live in a world where normal life includes hospital visits, doctor appointments, surgeries, therapies, and at times, staggering medical expenses.

Sunshine Foundation (FLORIDA) has made over 37,000 dreams come true for these special children and their families since 1976, many of whom dream to take their once in a lifetime family vacation to the Central Florida theme parks. While there, families stay at the Sunshine Foundation Dream Village, a 22-acre enchanted resort which opened in 1990.

The Dream Village provides families with a cottage that is magically themed to delight a child’s imagination, but practically designed to accommodate special needs such as ADA bathrooms, a zero depth entry swimming pool, miniature golf course and a playground with a swing designed for wheel chairs. For many, the Village’s unique construction may offer them the first chance to participate in playground activities, swim in a heated pool, or meet other children who share similar challenges each day.

A trip to the Sunshine Foundation Dream Village allows families to experience a brief period of time filled with joy and magic instead of worry and strain. All expenses for their stay, including travel arrangements, theme park admissions, and spending money are fully provided so that the family can enjoy without worrying about financial issues.

Sunshine Foundation is the only national organization that answers dreams to children that may not have a life-threatening diagnosis, and continues to be America's Top-Rated wish granting charity according to Charity Watch, the strictest charity watchdog organization. For more information, please visit www.sunshinefoundation.org

Watch our video HERE.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $7,500 will be used to support the Dream Village by upgrading cottages that need repair for children and their families to have a place to unwind from the daily routine of cancer therapies, treatments and surgeries.


Toledo Area Humane Society

The Toledo Area Humane Society (OHIO) was founded in 1884 and is one of the oldest humane societies in the United States. Our mission is to lead the community in efforts focused on relieving the suffering of, preventing cruelty to, and providing for the humane treatment of animals. We aim to create an educated, caring and responsible community committed to the welfare of animals and to promoting a healthy bond between animals and their human companions. We provide shelter and care for more than 6,000 animals each year through our life-saving work. The Toledo Area Humane Society depends on the generosity of individual and corporate supporters to fund our programs and services.

The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used toward the purchase of a Smart Board and materials to educate our local community children.