Lap Leader Ambassador

How long have you been a fan of Tony Stewart?
I’ve been a Tony Stewart fan approximately 15 years now and race fan since early 80’s.

Do you follow all types of racing or are you drawn more to NASCAR or dirt track, etc?


How did you learn about Tony's charitable foundation?
I found & clicked on their website link to TSF on the Tony website.

Why did you decide to make charitable donations to his foundation?
I have an appreciation for the mission to help ill children and animals.

Why is it important to you to make the gift(s) through the monthly giving program known as Lap Leaders?
I want to contribute monthly to assure support through consistent giving and not have to write a monthly check. The donation funds are automatically withdrawn from my bank account. It’s very easy.

Do you make your gift(s) as Unrestricted, for Children or for Animals? And, why?
My gifts are unrestricted because I believe in the mission of TSF and completely trust TSF to use my gifts where most needed.

Are you an arm-chair race fan or have you gotten to go to a track to watch racing? If so, where and what is your favorite race track?
I mostly watch the races on TV but have gone to several tracks to watch the races (Richmond, Charlotte, Talladega, Las Vegas) And, Las Vegas is my favorite!

What is your message to Tony's fans regarding his foundation?
The Tony Stewart Foundation has a superb mission, especially to help ill kids. It makes me feel good to be able to help this cause and give my support!

Anything else you want to give as a "shout out" to Tony's fans...or to Tony!
Giving to help kids and animals will make you feel good too! Keep up the good work Tony! Get back in the winner’s circle!

Lap Leaders

Tony wants to make it easy for fans to support his foundation. Lap Leaders allows you to make a larger gift using smaller parts. Join Lap Leaders with a monthly donation of $10.00 or more. It's easy, secure and automatic. You'll be helping children and animals. Tony says "thank you" by providing unique items from his "Collector's Series" 4 times per year to participating Lap Leaders!

A Message From Tony!  WATCH NOW



Tony Stewart and The Tony Stewart Foundation proudly support Children's Craniofacial Association in Texas!

We not only want to bring attention to our #RealLifeAuggies during #ChooseKind week, but also their amazing brothers and sisters - our #RealLifeVias. Check out this hilarious message from Peter & Jacob.


Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Tony Stewart and The Tony Stewart Foundation proudly support Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in Washington. MEET FOXIE...

Foxie gave birth again and again, but all four of her babies, including a set of twins, were taken away from her just after being born.



The holiday season can be magical yet also extremely difficult for many. Tony's foundation is proud to kick-off our 12th year of collecting toys, books & monetary donations to provide a brighter holiday for children who live in poverty and who may be impacted by homelessness. Since 2003, Tony's fans & supporters have provided joy, laughter & caring to literally thousands of children. It is an impact which cannot be measured but is certainly worth taking time in a busy schedule to send a toy or a book or make a monetary gift of any size.

"Mama Smoke", Tony's sister Natalie, the staff of TSF and several volunteers work to sort toys, games & books for all ages to make sure the maximum number of children are served. The Fireman's Cheer Fund alone provides a holiday party & gifts to almost 1,600 children each year! Monetary gifts received are combined for a fun "shopping spree" where we find awesome gifts for bargain basement prices allowing us to load heaps of toys, games & books into Mama Smoke's SUV for multiple trips back to the TS Store!

To save shopping, wrapping & shipping, you can make a secure, online donation of $1, $5, $10 or $20 by selecting one of the options below.

Or, if you find great joy in selecting that special gift for a child, please bring or send a new, unwrapped toy(s) to the Tony Stewart Foundation, 2014 Toy Drive, 5644 West 74th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278.

Donations are encouraged to be received before Wednesday, December 16, 2015 as most of the recipient organizations host their holiday parties for the children starting December 16th-23rd

Thank you for extending a helping hand to these special children!! Tony's Fans are THE BEST!!