Camp Spifida

Camp Spifida (PENNSYLVANIA) is a camp for children who have spina bifida.  Children ages 6 through 18 attend camp for a week full of fun and friendship.  Camp Spifida offers lots of exciting activities, such as; craft projects, fishing, swimming, dancing, paddle boats, pontoon boat rides, campfires, hayrides, woodworking and an exciting ropes challenge course.  Most importantly camp offers children with spina bifida a chance just to be kids.

Due to our camper’s various medical needs this camping experience is usually their first time away from home and their families.  Camp Spifida is fully staffed with trained counselors, nursing staff and doctors.  Our entire staff comes to Camp Spifida as volunteers, out of love for the children and Camp Spifida’s purpose.  Children who attend Camp Spifida learn how to become more independent with their own care.  For example, our volunteer medical staff has been able to successfully help many children learn to catheterize themselves by the time they leave camp.

The goal of Camp Spifida is to provide a typical camping experience, allowing for health and physical limitations, with emphasis on positive self-image, independence and self-assurance in all campers.


You can find more information about this organization at WWW.SPIFIDA.ORG


In 2016, the Board Grant was for $7,500.

Camp Spifida allows children living with spina bifida to be a kid – not a diabled kid – but a kid. The 2015 TSF grant of $7,500 helps defray the costs to be fully staffed with trained counselors, nursing staff and doctors so that every child can maximize his or her camping experience. Camp Spifida encourages each child’s independence to build self-esteem and confidence while meeting new friends and simply having fun.

In 2014, the TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $7,500 was used to fund this special summer camp geared entirely for children with spina bifida to enjoy the typical camp experiences.

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