Discovery Arts

Discovery Arts (CALIFORNIA) provides the healing power of the arts to children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses while they are hospitalized for treatment. Our programs, called Arts Adventures, are fun, creative, interactive explorations of music, art, dance and drama that strengthen the emotional health of critically ill children and positively impact their treatment and recovery.  By addressing children’s emotional needs, our programs also provide essential, welcome support to both the medical community and the children’s families.

Children with cancer are robbed of their childhood. They are torn from the comfort of home and family, and thrown into the scary world of hospitals and intensive treatments.  School, sports, the arts and friends are all left behind as the demands of critical illness consume their lives. The children are frightened and confused. They’re angry and withdrawn, and many feel very hopeless. The emotional trauma they experience is enormous and their need is great.

Discovery Arts programs provide this creative outlet to meet children’s emotional needs and strengthen their emotional health. Discovery Arts uses the arts to help children step outside the confines of their illness and into the world of creativity and imagination.  This is a world where, for an afternoon, children can be free of the family anxiety, the doctors’ analyses, and the terrible reality of critical illness.  This is a world where pain and discomfort can be momentarily forgotten, replaced by the simple joys of childhood – singing, dancing, painting, and laughing.

Awards & Recognitions

In 2015, Discovery Arts was honored by Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach and The Child Life Council of Southern California with an award for exceptional service called the “Friend of Child Life Award.”

In 2009, Discovery Arts received the Disneyland Community Service Award. In 2013, Discovery Arts received the Pioneer Award – Arts for Children from Imagination Heals for bringing the arts to hospitalized children.


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You can find more information about this organization at


In 2016, the TSF Grant Accelerator Award was for $10,000.

In 2015, the TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $15,000 will be used in direct support for the Arts Adventures Program – fun, creative, interactive explorations of music, art, dance and drama which strengthen the emotional health of critically ill children to help them better cope with the tremendous difficulties of critical illness and positively impact their treatment and recovery.

In 2014, the TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $15,000 was used in support of the Arts Adventures program (bringing smiles, laughter & hope to children!).

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