Founded in 2001, Indiana Canine Assistant Network (INDIANA) believes that service dogs can be catalysts for positive change in peoples’ lives. Today that change is meeting two important needs in our communities; (a) ICAN provides Hoosier children and adults living with a disability greater independence and an opportunity for a more enriched life by partnering them with a service dog and, (b) ICAN prepares offenders to return to their communities better equipped to successfully reintegrate with their families and obtain employment. ICAN brings hope through the spirit of the dog.

Service dog placements include mobility, facility (Hospitals, schools, courthouses, and rehabilitation centers), PTSD assist for veterans, autism assistance, and diabetic alert. ICAN is the only service dog organization in Indiana accredited by Assistance Dogs International (ADI).

In June, 2015, an eight year old boy named Nicholas received an ICAN dog named, Purdue. Nicholas was adopted from Russia at 19 months and has struggled with issues related to his diagnoses of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Reactive Attachment Disorder. It is difficult for him to feel safety and trust in his family relationships and these difficulties manifest somewhat like a child with autism in his challenges to emotionally connect. These struggles have been the biggest hurdles, however, when Purdue came into Nicholas’s life, that began to change. A few months after getting Purdue, Nicholas’ mother asked him what has changed since Purdue has been home with them and he replied, “He’s learning to love me. And, he’s teaching me how to love and how to be a kind, safe person.’’ Nicholas’ family continues to be amazed by Purdue’s ability to provide relational feedback to Nicholas as he’s adjusted to his new home and and showing him that it’s okay to trust and be part of their family.


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You can find more information about this organization at ICANDOG.ORG


In 2016, the TSF Grant Accelerator Award was for $10,000.

In 2015, the TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $15,000 will be used to support ICAN’s initiative in which TSF will support the training and healthcare of two service dogs for two years – one male and one female, allowing ICAN to maintain client fees to a minimum. These two puppies will be named by and followed through their training by Tony’s fans & supporters.

In 2014, the TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $15,000 was used to support ICAN’s initiative in the Pendleton Correctional Facility. The trainers were men living in a therapeutic community and their goal was to train dogs rescued from local shelters.

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