Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue was founded in 2002 to help rehome abandoned Great Pyrenees  nd Great Pyrenees mixes from owners who could no longer keep them and from those in animal shelters.  We primarily rescue dogs from Indiana, however we do consider dogs in need from Ohio and Kentucky, due to lack of active Great Pyrenees rescues in those states.  We received our not for profit designation in 2006.  Since our inception, we have rehomed over 1200 dogs in need.

We are a volunteer based rescue who rely on foster homes to house with the dogs in our program. This way the dogs are in a home environment and we are able to learn how they interact with other dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., and use that information to find them a home that is good fit for them and the adopter.   Some of our foster homes have had over 20 dogs they have fostered for us over the years.  We typically rehome our dogs in Indiana, but have rehomed them all over the US, and Canada too.  IGPR has an extensive application for potential adopters to complete, we also do vet reference checks and home visits prior to placing the dogs.  This breed does require fencing, as they are bred to roam and cover hundreds of acres.  Unless they are securely fenced, they will create their own roaming area, which can lead to them being hit by vehicles, shot, and injured by other animals.  They are barkers and were originally used to guard livestock in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain.  Although many farmers still use them to protect their livestock today, we do get a fair number of them who stray away and find themselves in animal shelters before coming into our rescue program.  Our volunteers also assist with doing reference checks, home visits, and transporting the dogs to adopters, or bringing them to us for rescue.

IGPR relies on adoption fees and donations to fund our rescue, which costs about $60,000 annually to run.  All dogs receive their vaccines, are spayed and neutered, microchipped,  tested for heartworm, receive monthly heartworm preventative while in rescue and receive  any other medical care they require. Some are boarded until a foster home or adopter can be found for them.  They are also groomed and sent with a new collar and leash to their new homes.

You can see our available dogs at, you will also find our applications there too.  If you would like to make a donation to IGPR, you can send a check payable to IGPR, at 1102 W. 78h St., Indianapolis, IN  46260 or using paypal, enter  We appreciate being selected as one of Tony’s Crew,  and look forward to finding more homes for the dogs in need.


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You can find more information about this organization at WWW.IGPR.ORG


In 2016, the Tony’s Crew Award was for $4,000.

In 2015, the Tony’s Crew Award of $4,000  will be used for large & lovable dogs who also shed and drool often find themselves abandoned by their owners. This grant will help offset boarding costs for rescued dogs for who we do not have foster homes. Funds will also be used to help offset heartworm treatment for these wonderful rescues.

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