The Center for Human-Animal Interaction

Jamie and her Goldendoodle, Penny, were requested in the pediatrics unit, and they arrived to find a teenage boy propped up on pillows, surrounded by family.


Jamie and Penny put on their best show for the family. Penny knocked down bowling pins, bounced a basketball through a


hoop, and even sat up on her hind legs to autograph a Dogs On Call trading card!


After much applause from the family, Jamie stepped over to the boy and asked “Would you like to pet Penny?”


There was a long pause as the family looked on, waiting for his response. Slowly, and carefully, he nodded. As if she understood, Penny walked over to the side of the bed and stood perfectly still as the boy reached out an arm tentatively and patted her head.


As Jamie walked out the door, the boy’s mother followed her into the hall.

“The doctor said he might have pain after his operation, and he was so scared to lift even a finger.” the mother said with tears in her eyes, “That was the first time he felt brave enough to move.”


Thank you to each of our Dogs On Call volunteers who give comfort and courage to patients in need!

The Center for Human-Animal Interaction (CHAI) is proud of their ‘pawsitively’ wonderful volunteers at Dogs On Call! Thank you to Amy Lacey, WRIC Anchor and ABC 8 News – WRIC for helping us shine a light on the wonderful work being done at VCU Health.





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