Judy Seigworth



How long have you been a fan of Tony Stewart?
Since 2004.


Do you follow all types of racing or are you drawn more to NASCAR or dirt track, etc?
I love anything that involves cars. All my life has been around cars either restoring antique cars or racing. If it had wheels we would work on it, run it, show it, race it and most importantly have fun.


How did you learn about Tony’s charitable foundation?
I heard about Tony’s foundation from an ad about the Toy Drive and once I got to the website read all about the work the foundation does.


Why did you decide to make charitable donations to his foundation?
Giving started with my family. Growing up they always donated time and money to boys and girls clubs. We made an annual trip taking our antique cars to the Boys and Girls homes and spending time with the kids and teaching them about our cars. Additionally I love animals and caring for them. Being at the track or car show I remember more than one occasion of the passing the hat to help out a family. The Tony Stewart Foundation and the causes Tony supports falls along those same causes that I love and grow up.


Why is it important to you to make the gift(s) through the monthly giving program known as Lap Leaders?
I love being a part of lap leaders it’s an easy commitment. Every month my donation comes out automatically and when I see it I am reminded of the things that matter most in life. It is also a way for me to honor the memory of my mom, dad and big brother. My donation also is a way I can show support for Tony and the work he does thru the foundation.


Do you make your gift(s) as Unrestricted, for Children or for Animals? And, why?
I don’t restrict my donations. Since I love all the causes the foundation serves I want my gift to go where it will do the most good and I know that some part of my gift will go to each of the causes at some point in some way.


Are you an arm-chair race fan or have you gotten to go to a track to watch racing? If so, where and what is your favorite race track?
I grew up watching racing and went to local tracks mostly. I finally made it to my first NASCAR race in 2001. I regularly go to Texas Motor Speedway and is one of my favorite venues. I also love Daytona for the history of the sport.


What is your message to Tony’s fans regarding his foundation?
Fans cheer and support Tony every race weekend. Being a part of the foundation thru giving adds another level to that support. Tony’s fans know he has a big heart. Giving to foundation makes you a part of that support team. Which is a special team in my book.


Anything else you want to give as a “shout out” to Tony’s fans…or to Tony!
To Tony best of luck for the 2018 season. To the fans, let’s continue to support Tony both in NASCAR as an owner and in Tony Stewart Racing as a driver/owner. Lastly I want to send my love to my racing family.

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