Ted Hallberg



How long have you been a fan of Tony Stewart?
I’ve been a Tony Stewart fan approximately 15 years now and race fan since early 80’s.


Do you follow all types of racing or are you drawn more to NASCAR or dirt track, etc? 


How did you learn about Tony’s charitable foundation?
I found & clicked on their website link to TSF on the Tony Stewart.com website.

Why did you decide to make charitable donations to his foundation?
I have an appreciation for the mission to help ill children and animals.


Why is it important to you to make the gift(s) through the monthly giving program known as Lap Leaders?
I want to contribute monthly to assure support through consistent giving and not have to write a monthly check. The donation funds are automatically withdrawn from my bank account. It’s very easy.


Do you make your gift(s) as Unrestricted, for Children or for Animals? And, why?
My gifts are unrestricted because I believe in the mission of TSF and completely trust TSF to use my gifts where most needed.


Are you an arm-chair race fan or have you gotten to go to a track to watch racing?
If so, where and what is your favorite race track?
I mostly watch the races on TV but have gone to several tracks to watch the races (Richmond, Charlotte, Talladega, Las Vegas) And, Las Vegas is my favorite!


What is your message to Tony’s fans regarding his foundation?
The Tony Stewart Foundation has a superb mission, especially to help ill kids. It makes me feel good to be able to help this cause and give my support!


Anything else you want to give as a “shout out” to Tony’s fans…or to Tony!
Giving to help kids and animals will make you feel good too! Keep up the good work Tony! Get back in the winner’s circle!


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