Grant Partner Of The Week #3 | Exotic Feline Rescue Center


Leading the Way for Big Cat Rescue


The cubs are cute and cuddly. The adults are powerful and instinctive. Big cats – lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, ocelots – are never a good choice for a pet. Years ago Tony acquired a tiger cub and realized quickly this truth.


He helped relocate the tiger and then made a commitment to support well-qualified organizations that provides rescue and lifetime care for abused, unwanted, abandoned and neglected exotic felines. The Exotic Feline Rescue Center, founded in 1991, serves as a nationally recognized leader in big cat rescue, conservation and care. Beginning with three tigers EFRC today provides a permanent home for about 200 big cats representing 9 different species. 


Since 2007, the Tony Stewart Foundation has provided financial support to help create these enhanced environments for several of the EFRC residents. Enjoy reading about the habitats created for 3 very special big cats.




Meet Herman


Herman, a gorgeous Siberian tiger, has called the EFRC home since 2007. Rather quickly, the staff discovered that Herman has a  social quirk – he  hates umbrellas!  In his first habitat, he would become visibly and audibly upset when a visitor or passer-by would have an open umbrella. Because rainy days cannot be avoided and because “big cat well-being” is #1 on the priority list, a new enclosure was build for Herman. In fact, the TSF Board and staff were on-site the day they moved Herman and his suite-mates (2 females) to their new habitat in a non-public area of the facility. Now Herman is calmly happy every rainy day. Well, except when Anna is bossing him around a bit too much! Note Herman’s cool pi symbol over his right eye!



Meet Rodney


Rodney, along with his brother George, received a new habitat that is both larger and has significantly more climbing room. Leopards love to be off the ground spending a great deal of time “hanging out” on a tree limb or other high perch. 


George and Rodney are male leopards from Long Island, NY. They were found after authorities searched the property resulting from a domestic dispute. Heads and skins from other endangered animals were found at that time. Its illegal to own exotic cats in New York so the cats were confiscated and EFRC went to Long Island to bring George & Rodney to their new home. George was born in 2005, not sure about Rodney.


Meet Claire


Flashback to an EFRC rescue of 4 tigers from a roadside zoo in Wisconsin. Following the routine medical exams at EFRC, it was discovered that one of the rescued tigers was pregnant. And so a 4-tiger rescue became a 9-tiger rescue after this female gave birth to 5 female cubs. The “5 Sisters” now call EFRC their home and enjoy life together in a habitat funded through a TSF grant.


Spend A Night in the Wild


Watch exotic cats from your room, listen to lions roar, coyotes howl, look for wild turkeys and deer.

Experience staying at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center.


If you live in the Midwest or are traveling through for business or pleasure, consider adding one night to stay on the grounds at EFRC. Guest quarters are available to house two adults (no children or pets for overnight stays). Two all day passes and going with the keepers to our two areas not open to the public are included. Visit the EFRC website for details.

Visit Exotic Feline Rescue Center Online | Instagram @exotic_feline_rescue_center | Facebook @EFRC1991






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