Grant Partner of the Week #9 - THE DOG ALLIANCE



A Canine Game Changer


There exists an unquestionable bond between people and dogs. There is a definitive trend in using therapy animals to help reduce distress – whether it happens briefly at an airport or a school or in long-term relationships at home. And, while researchers in the field may have some discomfort in supporting the scientific theory – the inarguable benefits are seen repeatedly.


Case-in-point. Paz is a mixed breed Labrador with a calming personality and a very relaxed attitude. Paz has literally transformed the life of a young girl suffering from extreme anxiety. TSF Grant Partner The Dog Alliance paired Mandy with Paz and miraculous results followed.



The Dog Alliance, based in Texas, works daily to “unleash the therapeutic power of dogs” to improve human lives. The volunteer teams tirelessly visit a variety of facilities to bring a smile, comfort and companionship to children and adults.


 Mandy Before Paz


Life before Paz joined the family was challenging. Something had to change.




Discovering the Solution



Familiar with the touted benefits of a service dog, Mandy’s family encouraged her to explore what options were available close to home. Advocating for her own needs, Mandy discovered The Dog Alliance and soon afterward her life took a major step forward.



Debi and her staff quickly identified Paz as a possible “perfect fit” due to her calm nature standing in stark contrast to the anxiety that Mandy was desperately trying to manage. The training was customized to the pair – beginning with onsite training enabling them to bond and learn to work together as a team. Next came the major step of visiting public places – starting with quiet locations and then to busier restaurants, shopping malls and anywhere that Mandy wanted to visit. Mandy also received training on how to care for Paz as well as how to answer questions the public may have regarding Paz as a service animal. 




A Lifetime Commitment


The Dog Alliance makes a lifetime commitment to both Mandy and to Paz. Early in the partnership, the organization checked on them daily – then moved to periodic follow-ups as things were going so well. Mandy (and her family) have direct telephone numbers of multiple trained staff to contact with any questions or concerns. And, The Dog Alliance continues to elicit regular updates on the partnership and learn about their new adventures together.





Mandy with Paz


Mandy’s mother enthusiastically shares the Paz has completely transformed Mandy’s life – actually the entire family’s life – thanks to The Dog Alliance.




Rocco at OT Connection


The Dog Alliance changed its name from Austin Dog Alliance but it’s the same wonderful organization.




For more information about The Dog Alliance visit: | FB @thedogalliance  | Twitter @AllianceHounds | Instagram @thedogalliance




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