Meet Louise Groomer – Lap Leader Ambassador


Why Louise is a Racing & Tony Fan


Living in Oregon there are few opportunities to see national racing live. But, that hasn’t stopped Louise Groomer from being a huge race fan! Louise was a big fan and follower of the Indy 500 and her curiosity was peaked in 1999 when she heard about this racer named Tony Stewart who was going to drive both the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 on the same day! Crazy, right? Louise knew this was a “hard core racer” and that year’s Coca-Cola 600 was her first NASCAR race to watch. When Tony did “The Double” again in May 2001 – well, Louise was completely hooked both on NASCAR and on Tony as her driver. Most weekend find Louise watching some form of racing on television with IndyCar and NASCAR at the top of her “must-watch” list.


Louise watched her first at-the-track NASCAR race at the 2005 Brickyard 400 – just happened to be the year that Tony Stewart won! Louise’s dream is to spend the famed “Month of May” at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway taking in all that the IndyCar series has to offer. And, while in the area she would absolutely head to Tony’s Eldora Speedway in Ohio.



Beyond the Racer…Why His Foundation?




Louise shares, “I’d known about Tony’s passion for animals. And, his passion is what I felt and saw when reading about his Foundation. Also, his behind-the-scenes help for drivers injured in the sport of racing meant a lot to me. It wasn’t about Tony getting noticed. For him it was about knowing help was needed and he would fill that gap.”


In July 2013, his foundation introduced a fundraising program to give $14.00 every month and I really liked that idea. It’s so easy to simply have my donation automatically drawn on my debit card from my checking account. It shows on my monthly statement and I receive a year-end tax letter. And, if I need to change anything about my gift, it’s easy to do. My donation is given as Unrestricted for the grant program. But, each donor can specify whether there is a preference to go directly to children, animals or drivers.


“The response from those who run Tony’s foundation feels real and personal – unlike most other charities.”







Why Should Others Join You as a Lap Leader?


Louise states, "For me, the biggest part of whether or not I will give to a charity is I have to feel the passion of the organization. With Tony’s foundation, I feel that passion in their mission statement and Tony’s personal statement about why it was important for him to give back. I also like that the foundation is a family-run organization. His dad, mom and sister along with Tony make up the Board of Directors and they are directly involved in its mission. They put their money, as well as their time, into the foundation and its grant program."


Louise, as a donor, requires that a charity…

  • Extends the helping hand

  • Desires to give back

  • Focuses on outstanding service

  • Is true to its mission

"The Tony Stewart Foundation makes it easy to support financially. They don’t bombard you with requests for more and more money which is a big turn-off for me. And, I like having this connection to Tony and his off-the-track causes,” shares Louise.



Local Philanthropy Matters Too


Louise is very active with the Volunteer Association of the Chiloquin Fire and Rescue department. She alongside her fellow do-gooders raise funds for scholarships to high school students desiring to study fire science and emergency medicine. The organization also raises funds to support needy families during the holiday season.


Well done, Louise, well done!



Louise’s Call-Out To Tony’s Fan


Consider joining Tony’s Lap Leaders. You can join for as little as $5.00 each month. Together, our combined gifts make a huge impact on the Grant Program. Together, we can help the kids, animals and drivers served through Tony’s foundation.






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